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Zax alien hunter game

zax alien hunter game

Characters edit, main edit, zax - the protagonist.
Some items though are practically useless, such as the deployable sentry gun.
Om's forces - composed of robots of different kinds.
A role-playing game element is also present, as player is required to collect ore and gta vice city game for pc windows 10 crystals to assemble new weapons and items, such as energy shields, first aids, and protector drones.
Zelon - she is female AI of Zax' ship.Robots edit, om - the leader of robot forces, Om swiss911 xcm bt-normal font is spider-like robot who originally come to Korbo planet for the minerals, but eventually become a wwe impact 2013 game "god" and tyrant for Korbo.and ray deflection problems real puzzles.There are side-trips to dungeon-esque areas but the overall variation was not enough to hold my interest.Enemies will always ignore you and concentrate on the deployed gun(s).Butu - white-colored Korbo leader.The arrangement works well for circle-strafing and running one way and blasting the other.This usually necessitates a huge amount of backtracking to find a cluster of teleportation crystals to get beamed back to the ship so you can get the new weapon.The main accent in shooting mechanics is placed on enemy teleporters, which constantly spawn new robots unless a console is destroyed, which is usually somewhere nearby.It took me a half hour or so to become comfortable with the setup.Korbo edit, mindaza - one of the leaders of Korbo, Mindaza is the last remaining son of Marsindor, once a great Korbo chieftain.It is an isometric 2d shooter adventure game for the.

Partha - blue-colored Korbo leader.
She helps Zax with advices and assembles weapons for him.
In addition to the single player missions, multiplayer games are also supported, offering deathmatch, capture the flag, and the release's own "Salvage King" modes of competition.Deep inside the ship, Zax confronts Om and destroys him.As you can imagine, Zax is easy to get into.Later, he, Mindaza, and other Korbo celebrate the victory, with Zax receiving giant crystal as a gift and finally leaving the planet.In fact she'll usually radio you the moment before (or just after) you enter an enemy laden area.When the alien hunter's ship is shot down by an unknown attacker on the surface of a planet, there is no other option for Zax and Zelon to get the ship to planet in order to survive.After crash landing on an alien world, Zax (read: you) must collect enough ore and crystals so the ship can repair itself and he can be on his way.The game's story is designed to support and accentuate, but not distract from the kinetic gameplay.At the very least you face opponents smarter than the computer.