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Yamaha sound reinforcement handbook

yamaha sound reinforcement handbook

The book includes the necessary maths.
The book even includes competitors names.
Many of the topics covered in this book will already be familiar to Musitechnic students but as the name of the book implies the topics are explained from the perspective of a live show.
Music background: Producer, Artist, Engineer.5/5, great Knowledge, not much for reading But it wasn't offered on CD lol.
Bob Ludwig is among those credited for their collaboration and input samurai x episode 19 for the book.The authors walk you through the calculations and explain a few examples, so you are not left by yourself if your maths is a bit rusty!For someone who has never done any live and is interested in that part of the audio industry the ysrh is a good start.By Anonymous on February 17, 2017.The live signal chain (from microphone to the preamp and mixer, to the power amplifier and speakers, via signal processing) is studied and explained.We learn why gain structure is particularly important in locations that are loud and/or noisy and how a good gain structure can minimize feedback (the live engineers enemy).The ysrh is a classic for a reason; it goes through everything you need to know about live sound that can be taught in a book.Advanced embedding details, examples, and help!Studios may not be offering many job opportunities these days but there is always plenty of live work available.Sound reinforcement includes public address systems and musical performance.This has been bedside reading for several years, and always has the information I need to set up or correct nay situation.

It is a technical read, there are no anecdotes, just straight facts.
This generally involves a sound source not loud enough to be heard by an audience without a sound system.
Getting into the Digital/analog has been helpful with this reading.
Whats inside?: The book offers complete coverage of sound reinforcement.
The book also covers cables and test equipment for live situations.The authors: Gary D Davis and associate Ralph Jones.Sound reinforcement is the use of audio amplification systems.I believe it was written for the professional sound people rather than the lay person.Yamaha has always been active in designing equipment made for live sound and today some of their digital boards (such as the M7CL, PM1D and PM5D) are ubiquitous staples at many live venues.Some of those manuals were so thorough in covering and explaining sound that they became standard text in some colleges.The book features information on both the audio theory involved and the practical applications of that theory, explaining everything from microphones to loudspeakers.The various sections include the physics of sound, decibels (along with an appendix on logarithms dynamic range and other basic concepts.5/5, must Have Book, this is the best book on the subject.Period.Even though it is particularly aimed at live sound, many of the topics covered are very useful to any sound engineer.