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Windows server 2003 interview questions and answers pdf

windows server 2003 interview questions and answers pdf

These changes include account and individual user lockout policies, changes to password policies, changes to computer account passwords, and modifications to the Local Security Authority (LSA).
An authoritative restore marks specific data as current and prevents the replication from overwriting that data.
69) Anything special you should do when adding a user that has a Mac?
A) Light weight Directory Access Protocol (ldap) 19) What is a site?
The sysvol folder stores the server's copy of the domain's public files.A) Data link layer is located above the physical layer, but below the network layer.If you delete a user account and attempt to recreate it with the same user name and password, the SID will be different.Now all domain controllers share a multimaster peer-to-peer read and write relationship that hosts copies of the Active Directory.Sysadmin interview questions english to german pdf What is a level 0 backup?7) What r the frequently asked questions on DFS?If the group policy is removed or changed, the user preference will persist in the Registry.

104) Explan the List Folder Contents permission on the folder in ntfs.
The Active Directory replaces them.
A) The four domain functional levels are: Windows 2000 Mixed, Windows 2000 Native, Windows Server 2003 Interim, Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000 Mixed When you configure a new Windows Server 2003 domain, the default domain functional level is Windows 2000 mixed.
Explain chief editor of the hindu newspaper 2013 different edition of windows 2003 Server?
Do worry, All the expected questions are in the PDF document.3) What r the ports to required to configure to Exchange Server?Winkey R opens Run dialog.What is the purpose of dhcp Server?Maximum number of users (objects) in one domain is between one and two millionMaximum number of users (objects) in one forest is 10 million.We can have each domain controller in domain or only first domain controller in a domain.These new settings include support for WPA2 parameters and non-broadcast networks.How it is possibal (20)What are the requirements for installing AD on a new server?