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Windows server 2003 file sharing service

windows server 2003 file sharing service

When you're ready to bring the shares back, delete the temporary "Shares" key, rename the old one back to "Shares and bounce the service again.
If "Access permissions" are granted to users who are registered for computers, they are authorized to operate folders and files.
Close the Computer Management dialog box.
Just stop the service and hope for the best).
This section describes the procedure for granting full Control permission to the "Everyone" account so that any user can access the shared folder.If the drive to which the shared folder is set is formatted in ntfs, you need to set the local-level as well as the network-level access permissions.We have a Domain with a DC running server 2003 r2 and 2 file servers also running server 2003.Select the Full Control box under Allow.This section describes how to setup a shared folder after the IP address is set.

Enter a user name not longer than 20 alphanumeric characters, and a password not longer than 14 alphanumeric characters.
In the Security sheet, under Group or user names, bleach episode 298 sub indo select the user whom you want to grant permission.
Add the created account to the shared folder as a user who is permitted to access that folder.
Click Manage to open the Computer Management dialog box.Deselect User must change password at next logon.Right-click the My Computer icon on the desktop.Note, the Name Not Found dialog box appears if you enter an incorrect object name.You can stop the "Server" service.