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Wii u update error

wii u update error

Improvements to system stability windows task manager toolbar missing and usability: Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience.
I got my Wii U this morning and have been trying to update it ever since (taking a break in between to play some Nintendo Land).
How to, check for wireless interference.What to Do: If this was your first attempt to download the system update, try the system update again.Wii U system updates can be received automatically when connected to the Internet.I suisei no gargantia episode 10 am not having slow-download issues like others - I am not able to download at all.As an easy solution, try moving the Wii U into the same room as your wireless router during the update, and then moving the Wii U back once the update is complete.Situation Not Resolved: Print, did this information answer your question?

A network firewall may be blocking traffic necessary to complete the system update.
Anyone have any ideas?
How to, enter an alternate DNS into your Wii U console's settings.
A System Transfer option has been added within System Settings.
Changes to the Nintendo eShop: Disabled usage of characters not used when redeeming Nintendo eShop cards (O, I, Z, etc.).Please note that the Nintendo warranties do not cover any defects to or defects caused by unauthorized devices, software, modifications and/or non-licensed accessories.So, this seems less likely, as no one else seems to be reporting.If the system update is interrupted by unplugging the system, you may damage the system.As a part of these efforts, we are making Wii U system updates available for download via the Internet.The error codes that I've been getting vary quite a bit, and I've receiver over 4 different error codes at different times (105-4235, 105-4206, 108-0144, and various others).