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Ubuntu 8.04 hardy heron system requirements

ubuntu 8.04 hardy heron system requirements

I just got a bluetooth dongle and headset and as soon as I figure them out I will provide an update in the bluetooth section.
There is a post around here about that, p?t1005196 If Audacity is giving you too many problems you should consider using ardour.
Many AC'97 chips can be made to work with the "quirk" options.
If your sound stops If your sound is generally working Ok but after a while just fades out or stops and you are not doing anything in particular to make this happen, like installing updates or fooling around with the sound settings or the applications.
This guide startup of you pdf is geared towards first getting your sound hardware working and then getting Pulseaudio set up properly.Pulse Audio Modules Pulse Audio loads its modules in etc/.Do not be afraid, just follow this guide here.(It is a big download, took about an hour on my dsl connection.) Warning Ubuntu Studio for Intrepid.10 has some serious problems with the rt kernel, among them are no support for multiple core cpus.

Reinstalling alsa It is also possible something has gone really wrong with the alsa drivers or there is a problem with some configuration file that got messed up with all that fooling around from above.
Mplayer, has an option for AC3 passthrough.
Some of this is redundant but it doesn't hurt and gets you familiar with your mixer.
This has been tested on Hardy 386, amd64 generic and Ubuntu Studio and on Intrepid 386, amd64 and Intrepid Studio ( it is from debian of course which is the base of Ubuntu).Some applications have an alsa plugin but no Pulse Audio support so they go through alsa to Pulse Audio and on to the alsa low level sound device drivers.If you are really lost just go through the guide again.Mám jen jeden dotaz, pi sputní hry, kdy má bet njaké to video vidím pouze bílou obrazovku s titulkama.You can select these in Playback just like any of your hardware devices.You can also try looking in the Mandriva and Fedora and suse and Debian forums, there are many smart people there.If available, go to to Switches and check mix.