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Track and field games

track and field games

The Japanese release sported an official license for the 1984 Summer Olympics.
The newest version of this game can be purchased on,.
Ports and re-releases edit Track Field was initially ported by Atari, Inc.Because the game responded to repeatedly pressing the "run" buttons at high frequency, players of the arcade version resorted to various tricks such as rapidly swiping a coin or ping-pong ball over the buttons, or using a metal ruler which was repeated struck such that.Competition edit On December 18, 2008, Hector Rodriguez, of California, USA, scored a world record 6.60 pro c1 fix 3 95,350 points on the classic arcade game Track Field.If a player completes all six events after a brief medal ceremony, he or she is sent back to the field for another round, with higher qualifying levels, however the game can be configured to conclude after the final event.As a result, arcade operators reported high rates of damage to the buttons and later versions had modifications to prevent such actions.

4 Players earn extra lives per 100,000 points scored.
Finals, but Phil Britt, of Riverside, California, won the World Championship in Tokyo on June 10, 1984." See also edit Olympic Decathlon 1980 computer game with similar concept and controls.
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10 When Konami ported their arcade hit Track Field to the Famicom (as Hyper Olympic they only included four out of six events.
There were several home versions of the original; the ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC versions were only released as part of the Game, Set and Match II compilation in 1988, and are poorly regarded by fans.11 Rodriguez beat the 23-year-old record of 95,040 the selection kiera cass ebook points 12 13 set on June 30, 1985 by Kelly Kobashigawa, of Los Angeles, during Twin Galaxies ' 1985 Video Game Masters Tournament in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.References edit "The Amstrad CPC Resource : : Track and Field by Ocean Software for the Amstrad CPC/GX 4000".High jump, running (speed set by computer) and then action button must be held down to determine angle of jump.Citation needed, contents, gameplay edit, in the original arcade game, the player uses two "run" buttons (or a trackball in later units that replaced buttons damaged from overuse) and one "action" button to control an athlete competing in the following six events: 3 100 Meter.