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Top secret drum corps basel 2015

top secret drum corps basel 2015

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With its invitation to Edinburgh, Top Secret became one of the first non-military, non-British Commonwealth acts to perform on the Esplanade at Edinburgh Castle.
3, food poisoning from rice bacteria in 2011, they performed at the Quebec Military Tattoo.
Top Secret Drum Corps delivers an entertaining performance at the 2015 Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo.Top Secret made an appearance on an episode of the 2014 series.Phone or email, password 1:17:34 1:23:33,3:40,3:10,3:10,4:46,3:50 1:56:19 1:00:08,4:05 1:34:25 1:42:29, show more.1, perhaps because of their 18th Century uniforms and precision work, the band is often referred to as a military band or a part of the Swiss Army, but it is not affiliated with any military unit.The Prodigy founder and producer Liam Howlett is said to be a big fan of the Top Secret Drum Corps and asked permission to record a drum section for use on the band's album.In May 2016 the Drum Corps provided one of the performances in the spectacular 90th Birthday Celebration for the British Queen Elizabeth.Its drummers play at a much faster rate.

Also, while traditional Basel drumming is somber and favors traditional marching tunes (accompanied by fifes during the Fasnacht Top Secret's drumming style is upbeat and playful.
Seven young talented drummers who knew each other from the Basler Fasnacht and jointly cultivated the traditional Basel drumming, founded the group Top Secret in 1991.
Contents, drumming style edit, top Secret has its roots in the rich drumming traditions of the band's home city, Basel, Switzerland, which is known for its annual carnival called.
With twenty-plus years of passion, imagination and dedication, these top Basel drummers have proven themselves to be a sustainable world-class act.They were invited a third time in 2009 and again in 20Under the leadership.Erik Julliard, the band is also responsible for the founding of the.Vogel Gryff, Charivari, and various parades associated with the city's guilds.This unique idea and the passion of the seven drummers quickly lead to national and international success.Due to the demanding nature of the work, its membership changes frequently.