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Tomb raider walkthrough pc game

tomb raider walkthrough pc game

Once on the boxes, climb onto the roof of the shack.
The base camp is located at the top of a waterfall, and just off to the side you can see a wooden platform with a red mark on it that pokes out of the side of the cliff edge.
Bravo's Legacy (10 points Baba Yaga: Confuse 10 enemies with the Dreamstinger.
Skillful Raider (20 points Endurance Challenge: Open 5 Codices or Sarcophagi without getting caught in a trap.
There are some chickens nearby you can chase and catch.Good Samaritan: Complete 3 Missions.From this base, run up the hill to see the dome shaped building near the top of the hill.Nope (10 points Endurance Challenge: Escape the forest on day 1, without recovering any artifacts.Strange Acquaintance: Rescue Jacob from the gulag.

Secrets: The number of secrets in each level varies (from 1 to 5).
Localization of all secrets available in the game: Documents, Coin caches, Murals and Monoliths.
For more than a thousand years it has existed only as a myth.Glidos, a utility created by TR fan Paul Gardiner, adds improved graphics, audio and other special features.Siberian Ranger: Beat 15 combat encounters after completing the game.A Moment of Clarity (10 points Baba Yaga: Face the Witch and live.Tombs, Challenges, and, collectibles, but there are individual sections on each of those topics with in-depth information, also linked below.They include pointers on moving Lara through her environment, conserving health and ammo, using the menu and inventory systems, and much more.Chemical Warfare: Kill 5 enemies with one Poison Arrow.Taking the High Road: Light the signal fire in the Remnant Valley.Fluent: Reach max proficiency jakarta struts 1.2 pdf in one language.Walkthrough for the optional crypts and tombs.