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The product manager's handbook

the product manager's handbook

Their primary markets for packaged pre-cut iceberg lettuce are the H/R/I markets.
Cost estimates involved are the following: Equipment leasing cost 16,000/mo Utilities 3,640/mo Maintenance 1,500/mo Labor A shift that operates an eight-hour schedule at full capacity will comprise 18 people working on the production line and two people loading and unloading supplies and final product cartons.
The late majority represents about 34 of consumers.
The tasks of the Sales Manager include promotion and demonstration implementation.
The factors that make this possible are the size of the market, lead time of the company over competitors, and its dedication to stay ahead through an aggressive marketing strategy and a solid R D program.In fact, this proprietary process know-how is necessary to assure the distinctive high quality of the product and avoid production problems that lead to a deterioration of quality.The early majority represents 34 of consumers.We may also enter markets where competition already exists with products signficantly differentiated from the competitive product.

Manager 3,500/mo Sales Manager 3,000/mo (l/2 time) Purch.
What Problems Does It Address?
We also believe that we may gain a revenue source by offering to serve as a sampling medium for salad dressing companies that wish to encourage trial of new products by salad companies.
Will have to be incorporated.
This may require us to replace packaging materials or graphics, or modify our mix of lettuces.Their marketing area is California, north of Fresno.For the present financial forecast, we have assumed that we will be leasing an existing unused facility.Is to manufacture and market an innovative food product: a fresh and ready-to-eat leaf lettuce salad package.Price Cutting by Competitors The price of our product will be sustained or even increased.This regional pattern holds true for the percentage of consumers who have prior purchase experience with leaf lettuce: Percentage of Consumers who have Purchased Leaf Lettuce Northeast51.9 North Central45.0 South46.7 West70.0 Total.S.51.8 Source: Vance Research/The Packer Consumer attitude information by region is not currently.Larger-Than-Expected Innovation and Development Costs to Stay Competitive The development plan will be re-evaluated, do gfi languard network security scanner v(3.1) and, if appropriate, the partnership will be opened to another financing round.According to the USD A, which tracks trends in the sale of specific vegetables, fresh lettuce consumption increased 1982.Company objectives, product, market trends AND potential, competition.