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Temperature monitoring system project

temperature monitoring system project

I receive air-condition details through rs485 and send the details to broken strings nelly furtado james morrison host using another rs485.
The wire could not hold the large power and wire starts heating and it melts down gradually.
I have a code but it does not seems to work.Basically, there are couple of sensors that detects (eg: motion, moisture, temperature ) and also a voice detection system which turns on the system when baby cries.I am doing project on temperature control and monitoring system.i have completed adc0804 interfacing with at89c51 microcontroller and now i am working on lcd n keypad interfacing with microcontroller.H #define dhtpin 11 / what digital pin myst iv revelation torent we're connected to #define dhttype DHT11 / DHT.My email is #include #include unsigned char readdata; sbit DQP33; /end of ds18b20 variable/ / Microcontrollers : :16 : akulet : Replies: 1 : Views: 950 Have a look at the above link.For Pressure transducers Becton Dickenson PT's would be a good choice.Microcontrollers : :42 : internetuser2k12 : Replies: 5 : Views: 848 Hey guys, i found a intresting project for water monitoring system.LiquidCrystal lcd(8, 9, 4, 5, 6, 7 DHT dht(dhtpin, dhttype float RatioFactor4.115; /Resistors Ration FActor void setup gin(9600 /Serial Baud Rate gin(16, 2 /Initializing pinMode(A1,input /Analog A1 Channel as Input Battery Voltage pinMode(A2,input /Analog A2 Channel as Input LDR pinMode(3,output /HedLights On/Off Pin /pinMode(2,input /LDR.I need a two line LCD one for displaying the measured temperature and other for displaying the desired (.) Microcontrollers : 11:54 : pandeeey : Replies: 0 : Views: 1263 Hi, I am planning to develop a heart and temperature monitoring system for my final.And simulate on Proteus.

To energize the relay digital pin#3 of arduino is used.
In case you have any queries please write them below in the comments section).
For this project i need some protocols for monitoring air-condition parameters like temperature,fan speed, compressor etc.
Final end shape diy car automation project.
DS18B20 probe is between the minimum and the maximum temperature, buzzer will not give an alarm and LED light won't flash.Previously i was using Water proof POT key blazingtools perfect keylogger 1.68 acting as a float valve and sending that POT voltage to ADC, that Project didnt last long because in summer temperature is quite hot (40 degree )and the the tank was black i Microcontrollers : :08 : Sajjadkhan.I used an LDR(Light dependent resistor) for this project but i have plans to moving forward and using a standard lux sensor.Please give us your feed back on the project.Is there any configuration on Ampire need to done before simulate?When the detection temperature is higher than the setting ceiling temperature, or lower than the minimum temperature, the system buzzer will give an alarm and LED light will flash.Problem is the source code?Arduino adc(analog to digital converter) can measure max 5v of signal.