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System administrator interview questions and answers for windows

system administrator interview questions and answers for windows

What is a network?
Q:13 What are the default ports used for smtp, DNS,FTP, dhcp,SSH and squid?
Puppet code can do a variety of tasks from installing new software, to check file permissions, or updating user accounts lots of other tasks.
Ans: Below are list of modes used in Network Bonding : balance-rr or 0 round-robin mode for fault tolerance and load balancing.The default version of the sar command (CPU utilization report) might be one of the first facilities the user runs to begin system activity investigation, because it monitors major system resources.Ans: Using free vmstat command we can display the physical and virtual memory statistics respectively.Learn IT skills daily.Using init command we change the run level temporary like init 3, this command will move the system in runlevl.Ans: To set this value permanently for a user, it has to be put in the appropriate profile file which depends on the default shell of the user.Creates aggregation groups that share the same artlantis studio 5 objects speed duplex settings.If you like these questions, please dont hesitate to share on Facebook, google and Twitter.

Broadcast or 3 Sets a broadcast mode for fault tolerance.
What is the file that's responsible for keeping all Active Directory databases?
What are the disadvantages of circular logging?
Q:30 What is load average in Linux?What is the default domain functional level in Windows Server 2003?So if you run into problems finding a good answer, check out these 64 honda atc 250r manual Interview Questions for some help.Update for 2013: Check out our enhanced list of interview questions to make sure you're totally ready before the interview, and we also created a guide for technical questions usually asked of IT admins.Puppet is a IT automation software used to push configuration to its clients (puppet agents) using code.I hope these are helpful!For other run levels just replace 5 with the respective run level.What is the purpose of vrrp?