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Ssf4 arcade edition pc patch

ssf4 arcade edition pc patch

Oil Slide : Stun calculation has been changed.
Heavy Spiral Arrow : After much request, we have modified the active hit box back to the way it was in Super Street Fighter.
The "Replay Channel" project igi 2 covert strike pc game has been expanded to allow players to follow others' recent games, distribute replays, and watch a special channel featuring proficient players.Damage changed from 60.EX Yoga Blast : Damage total remains the same at 140, but damage between the two hits has been redistributed by adding 20 to the first hit and subtracting 20 from the second, resulting in 9050.Soul Satellite : Start up reduced from 7 frames to 5 frames.The cancel timing is right before the last hit of Sobat Carnival, so if you can input the Ultra command in time you can cancel into the Ultra.Recovery has been shortened by 4 frames, the hit box has been moved more to the front, and the hittable area has been reduced.Vertical : Hit box and hittable area has been enlarged forward.Total move frame length has not been changed.The moment I have a precise date from the dev team, it'll be posted on Unity with much haste.".

Guard Position: When executed from a dash in an oiled state, he will slide.
Diagonal.HP: Changed active period from 4F.
Chokkarakusho (fMK Damage increased from 60.
When combined with the buffs she received to her normal moves in Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, we feel it'll be easier to combo her moves now.So now close MK - combos are now possible.Close LP and far LP: These normal attacks have had their advantage on hit reduced by 1 frame, making them a total of 5 advantage on hit.Now is gone after 1st frame of hit detection.Stun damage changed from 100-.Splendid Claw : Start up has been changed to 8 frames.Damage reduced from 150-140, chip damage changed to 30, stun damage changed from 250- 200.