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Sql command line utilities

sql command line utilities

Moving on to the rest of the toolbar, the next option is a drop-down box that provides a list of the installed databases on the server to which you are connected.
Thus, if you are controlling a default instance of SQL Server, the service name is mssqlserver for SQL Server, and sqlserverAgent for the Agent service.
Unlike the Client Configuration utility, which controls how your applications connect to SQL Server, the Server Network utility reflects which network libraries SQL Server 2000 listens on (see Figure.12 ).
That methodology remains flexible and powerful, but Microsoft has recently updated a set of utilities that you can use right awaywithout needing to resort to the CLR.The next button loads a "template" SQL query, so you can quickly develop variations of work you've quick heal total security antivirus 2013 product key done before.Get Your Act Together, to use the Reporter utility, you must first use the ReadTrace utility to read and parse the SQL trace files.If you try to connect by using any other network library, your SQL Server can't hear you.

You can use * for target-table-name here, for the obvious purpose.
To figure out the DNS name of your machine, look in the Network Identification tab by right-clicking your My Computer icon on the server's desktop.
When you use this option, you (by default) use the shared memory network library.In order to allow for more flexibility, the default input input delimiters are not exactly the same as the output delimiters.A significant number of options are exposed here.Figure.4 The SQL Server Service Manager utility.You can even automatically have naruto episode 338 naruchigo the results of your queries routed directly to a file.Figure.3, the Books Online Favorites tab.Enable WinSock Proxy The Enable WinSock Proxy option allows you to have a proxy server forward SQL Server requests from the Internet (or any other network) to SQL Server.