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Someone like you sarah dessen ebook

someone like you sarah dessen ebook

It was a great job for a writer, she says.
(Thank goodness I have been blessed with exceptionally good, and patient, editors.) Plus there was a little bit of pressure since That Summer had been well-received.
(In 2003, these two books were loosely adapted into the movie How to Deal, starring teen sensation Mandy Moore.) Dessen claims she never set out to be a YA writer, but somehow her memories always bring her back to high school, a time and place.In Just Listen, the character of Owen Armstrong was named for the young protagonist in John Irvings A Prayer for Owen Meany, as well as for Lance Armstrong, one of Dessens proclaimed crushes.Concerning her tendency to embellish, Dessen says: I think its just a weakness of fiction art trio cd hinos writers.It was so distracting.Now Halley has to find the strength to take the lead and help Scarlett get through.We read them for the lead romance, right?Publishers Weekly, sarah Dessen has a perfect ear for the details of a teenagers life.

Lock and Key, the Moon and More, that Summer.
Their friendship may bend under the weight, but itll never breakbecause a true friendship is a promise you keep forever.
I hope that my books do that for the people who read them.
Other than those two things, It was a nice story.You can see how that would be distracting.If one can judge from her growing fan base and continued presence on the bestseller lists, Dessen can safely say mission accomplished.People know Scarlett as the popular, flamboyant one; Halleys just her quiet sidekick.Halley was always content to follow in her wake.Halley is caught up in the spell of first love, and the pressure to lose her virginityEach with their own problems, can this friendship survive the strain of support that both Halley and Scarlett expect from each other?Now, for the first time, Scarlett really needs Halley at the same time as Halley needs her.The editing process for Someone Like You was really long and arduous, mostly due to the fact that I always have way more than I need and tend to repeat myself a lot.She explains it this way on her website: While I couldnt tell you complete plots of novels I read even six months ago, I do remember even the smallest descriptive details from Lois Lowrys A Summer to Die or Judy Blumes Are You There God?