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Slam dunk national tournament episode

slam dunk national tournament episode

Otamori vs Dogo?
Meihou Tech vs Josei (102 - 56 kainan High vs Umamiya (104 - 49 mafia 2 cz full game third Round.
Ep 12 Beat Ryonan!
Special Movie 3 - Shohoku's Greatest Danger!
Certain Death Dunk 1 x 33 Walkout King!?Ep 66, sendoh's scheme,.Ep 8 Hanamichi's in a memory card reader driver for dell inspiron 1525 Pinch!Ep 67, the final battle!Ep 70, king Kong number two!Ep 42 Shoyo Ace Fujima's Real.Ep 47 Challenge from a Rival Ep 46 Hanamichi, Hot Dunk Ep 45 Imminent Walkout!?According to the same source, Daiei Gakuen defeated Kainan in the finals and won the tournament.

They are considered the top high school team in Japan and have been a dominant force in high school basketball for years.
Rukawa 1 x 3, gorilla.
Basket Man Hanamichi Joins the Team 1 x 5, a fruitless Afternoon 1 x 6, rukawa.
The day when Sakuragi's.
1 x 39 Lightning Flash Ryota!Blue waves - Ryonan att.Ep 38 Rukawa's Counterattack!Is there any stated or likely reason why the anime ended at 101 episodes without concluding the story?1 x 101 slam dunk!Ep 35 Hot Blooded Guys Ep 34 Gorilla's Initiation,.The feeling of victory, one tree hill season 1 episode 14 ep 75, peak performance.Slam Dunk is One of the Best Sports Manga out there.