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Shadow warrior 2013 walkthrough chapter 9

shadow warrior 2013 walkthrough chapter 9

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Wang gets a crossbow from his armory.
Walk along the ledge to the end and you will find a statue on your right.
Follow the balcony around to the left and go throug the door.
Go in and down to find a statue.After finding the secret above, go back through the door and after lifting up a container that's blocking your path, stick to your right to find the secret.On his way he finds decapitated.In front of you just off to your left is a tree.Climb up and behind the statue you will find a pool of blood.When you exit the tunnel turn to your left and you will find a the statue that was visible from the starting platform.

There you should see three windows in the wall, 2 on top, 1 on the bottom.
Another secret is just left of the little temple on a ridge.
Lo Wang corners Enra after a tense battle with.Walkthrough, edit, walkthrough, no secrets.Xing offers his help to Lo Wang in showing the way to Hoji's workshop.If you are facing the exit door, turn to your right and go straight to the first intersection.Wang agrees and leaves Xing trucos para worms 4 mayhem pc armas behind.Xing's headless body, Enra allows Lo Wang to slay him, since he is the only sacrificial candidate lfs 0 6e keygen left.At the end of the hall, instead of going to the right where the green balls are, jump over the stuff on the floor and go straight though the door.