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Sentence meaning dictionary in urdu

sentence meaning dictionary in urdu

This dictionary is properly arranged for Islamic names translation.
( unresponsive ) door, drawer, lock duro, que no abre bien, atorado (esp LAm) the lock was stiff bajar keygen autocad 2008 costaba abrir el cerrojo, el cerrojo no abría bien.
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She is my niece.
( fam ) è un po' troppo!On the other hand side, Hudong released the first Open Source Chinese wiki software HDWiki in the world to fulfill one million websites demand to build up a wiki channel or independent wiki site, which helps build up an active wiki community.( Physiol ) joints, limbs, muscles entumecido, agarrotado ; fingers rígido, agarrotado ; movement rígido inactivity can make your joints stiff sus articulaciones se pueden entumecer or agarrotar por la inactividad to become or get stiff joints, limbs, muscles entumecerse, agarrotarse to feel stiff (.As the first commercial wiki application in China, m also makes huge contribution to the community and society by promoting mutual trust and social collaboration.Daughter, Girl - a female human offspring; "She is your would be daughter in law".Author: m Edition: 2 Update: Grade: m (meaning Interactive in English) is the largest Chinese wiki site in this Web-RW era.( high ) price excesivo, exorbitante ; price rise fuerte.I received a stiff note from the bank manager.Eso es mucho or demasiado!, se han pasado!( US ) ( tramp ) vagabundo/a m/f ; ( drunk ) borracho/a m/f stiff stf adj ( rigid ) card, cloth, material raide, rigide ; brush dur (e) the stiff upper lip (British) le flegme to keep a stiff upper lip faire bonne contenance.

He has walked with a stiff leg since he injured his knee; stiff cardboard.
( rigid ) card, paper, chair rígido, duro ; collar, fabric duro, tieso ; brush, boots duro ; corpse rígido.
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Kinswoman - a female relative.
Dictionary, learn English, news Feed.( corpse ) cadáver m, fiambre m (hum).The collar has some stiffening.( strong ) breeze fuerte ; drink cargado she poured herself a stiff whisky se sirvió un vaso grande de whisky that's a bit stiff!( tough ) climb, test difícil, duro ; penalty, sentence, fine severo ; resistance tenaz ; challenge difícil ; opposition, competition duro.ADV to be bored stiff aburrirse como una ostra to be frozen stiff estar muerto de frío to be scared stiff estar muerto de miedo to be worried stiff estar muy preocupado, estar preocupadísimo.Nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs are grouped into sets of cognitive synonyms (synsets each expressing a distinct concept.Niece, noun, a daughter of your brother or sister.( cold, formal ) smile, bow frío ; person, manner estirado, frío ; atmosphere estirado, frío he gave a stiff bow se inclinó con frialdad or con formalidad stiff and formal person, manner, atmosphere estirado y formal.Our automatic system will note that name in the data and the meaning will be provided in the next 24 me and know what your name stands for.