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Restore database with replace in sql server 2008 r2

restore database with replace in sql server 2008 r2

New Task SQL ;.
Mostly suitable for data warehousing databases.
Stopping SQL server service and copying MDF and LDF files is called cold backup which is not really happens in production.
Ans: Yes Just enable the trace flag 3226.Consider a situation where I restore deleted files from recycle binware have to take a backup of one database of.What are all of the backup Restore options and their associated value?What are your recommendations to design a backup and recovery solution?A running database con not be changed to standby mode.Select an image file to recover.How to perform the tail log backup?What are the issues you faced in backup and restore process?How do you respond to the increasing transaction log file?What is the difference between NO_LOG and truncate_only?

Select the database (StudentDB) that you want to convert, and check on 'Scripts all objects in the selected databases'.
Ans: Backups can be automated by using a cursor to loop through each of the databases and backup each one Restores can also be automated by looping over the files, reading from the system tables (backup or log shipping) or reading from a table.
So the point is redo phase is done first.Ans: All server level information stored in master database that includes logins information etc.We have two options to consider with norecovery: When database online and you are planning to perform a restore after the tail log backup.Then issue some transaction log backups, next a differential backup, followed by more transaction log backups, then another differential and finally some transaction log backups. .Moving the log file to a disk drive with sufficient space.Basic information: task name, destination, backup now or set a schedule, continue if error.Adding a log file on a different disk.