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Protect the boss episode 16 eng sub

protect the boss episode 16 eng sub

It looks like theyre in the clear when the operator manages to dupe the system into automatically shutting down the accelerator before it reaches its limits.
She shares that shes divorcing soon, since shes been unable to balance work and home life.
He doesnt believe for a second that their good-for-nothing father has changed his ways, so when So-hyun invites him home for dinner, he hangs up indignantly.
In a scolding tone, he tells the team, With this signature and clean swipe of evidence, the suspect is not some fantasy killer but someone with significant power.Hes slightly taken aback and turns around to find little Hyun looking at him.He doesnt see her eyebrows twitch, and dismisses the thought a moment later, finding it far-fetched to think she could possess any awareness after all these years.His every move will be watched from here on out.You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.So its a good thing that the show cleared up Yeo-jins backstory and familial background in these four episodes.I can see glimpses of the past characters.Eun-bok asks one last question on how he found his way to the crime scene today, and Hyun matter-of-factly states that the Bangbae-dong evidence guided him there.Do people understand you?Dads police officer friend approaches him on his break and tells him that Hyun impressed all the officers, who are still counting to confirm Hyuns genius.Song OF THE DAY, bigbang If You, download.

When told that the hospital is a smoke-free zone, she points to the ashtray sitting on the table.
The keys dangling from his hand, he demand to be told whats really going.
He closes his eyes to recall the memory and recognizes it as the book i write spoon the time when he lost his father and younger brother in his childhood.
It will be faster to go inside and manually turn off the switch, Tae-hyun argues.The rest of the team wonder who this man was.Curiosity takes over as Tae-hyun approaches her bed and asks if she can hear him right now.His mothers eyes well up with tears as well, saying that this is all she can do for him.He chooses the latter, where hed barred entry despite arguing that hes the physician in charge.Dad searches his sons room and finds the sketchbook with the ghastly drawings.Its a lot for Tae-hyun to swallow, not because hes afraid of being linked to hiding the truth about Yeo-jins comatose state, but because hed rather not know the details of a story that doesnt concern him.The next morning, Dad summons Hyun into the basement and tells him that hell spend his days pdf editor cad kas here now.