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Oracle adf 11g tutorial

oracle adf 11g tutorial

In the Name your application page of the wizard, type HRSystem as the name.
Use the Next button to scroll through the departments at Location 1700.
You can re-invoke the Start Page later by choosing Help Start Page.
Database Development, learn how to use JDeveloper for online and offline database development, including diagramming, SQL generation, PL/SQL editing, and database synchronization.
For Tutorials that cover the new JDeveloper.1.2.* versions please visit this newer page.Learn how to build a master-detail and edit a web application with ADF Faces, EJB and JPA.Learn how to create a data control from a web service and test it within JDeveloper's integrated server.Metadata Services (MDS) Customize and Personalize an Application Learn how to customize and personalize an ADF Application with Metadata Services (MDS).

Learn how to create a model of your database, make changes to the diagram, and synchronize changes with the actual schema.
Create and Use a JSF Declarative Component Learn how to create reusable declarative JSF components by combining existing ADF Faces components.
You'll be using the Oracle ADF Business Components technology to map Java objects to existing tables in your database.
Click the Create Entity Objects and Associations button.
Oracle SOA Design an SOA Composite Application Learn how to design a service-oriented architecture (SOA) composite application using the SOA extension.Once loaded, the JDeveloper IDE appears.Learn how to create Java code to implement a Web service from a wsdl.Deploying a JDeveloper SOA Application to Oracle WebLogic Server 11g Learn how to deploy a SOA Web application to Oracle WebLogic Server 11g.In the first part of this tutorial you are going to create a new Fusion Web application and build reusable business components that will access the database.Use Layout Components with ADF Faces Learn how to use ADF Faces to create complex layouts for your web application.