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New practical chinese reader 1 audio

new practical chinese reader 1 audio

In the second volume, pinyin disappears, and there are only tone marks.
The first four volumes develop a series of attractive stories, narrating the lives of the three international students mentioned above, including their friendships, love stories and teacher-student relationships with the Chinese students Song Hus, Wang Xiaoyun, the journalist Lu Yuping, the tour guide Xiao Yanzi.
Functions and related cultural knowledge as well as by training their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.The teaching of characters starts with the introduction of sixty common, easily learnt characters frequently used as components of other characters, along with some character components.New Words This part of each lesson analyzes the morphemes (characters) that form new words with the aim of improving learners comprehension and memory.The series consists of seventy lessons in six volumes.Why have we named our teaching materials New Practical Chinese Reader?The fourth cycle is found in the twenty lessons of the last two volumes.For the most part, Volumes One and Two use dialogue form (with two paragraphs in each lesson facilitating audio-lingual practice and providing an overall grounding in the reading and writing of elementary Chinese.This second cycle is found in the twenty lessons that comprise Volume Two and the last eight lessons of Volume One.Each volume has two review lessons that help learners review the grammatical points taught earlier.This is the most popular textbook used to teach Chinese in universities all over the United States.The third and fourth volumes concentrate on topics of interest to students, illustrating cultural differences between China and the West.Conversation Practice (included in Lesson 1-6 Drills and Practice (included in Lessons 7-14) We hope students will thoroughly master the key sentences illustration the fundamental linguistic structures and functions introduced in the text.

Reading Comprehension and Paraphrasing Exercises of this kind ensure the review of some of the sentence patterns and lexical items gta gadar pc cheats code already taught, thereby developing the students discourse abilities in both oral and written forms.
As a result, by the end of the first year of study, they should have an elementary command of basic Chinese language structure.
Anscending the limits of campus life, New Practical Chinese Reader distinguishes itself even at the beginning stage from most previous Chinese textbooks by including a broader range of interesting materials.The teaching of language structure passes through four cycles in the six volumes.We should allow students to gain grounding in the four basic akills by means of a large number of dills and exercises while also mastering the necessary grammatical knowledge and rules for word and sentence formation.Unit tests and keys to the tests and exercises are provided.The first six lessons of Volume One divorce the study of characters from the conversation text.