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Mechanical engineering questions and answers pdf

mechanical engineering questions and answers pdf

Alloys possess typical properties inherent in the metallic state.
In which reactor the coolant and moderator are the same?
Why efficiency of gas turbines is contour camera for mac lower compared.C.
What is red alert full game on pc the use of 70/30 brass?
Resistance to oxidation and surface stability of steel are increased by the addition logo design love zaprojektuj genialny logotyp pdf of silicon.Ans: The heat capacity of a material is the amount of heat transformed to raise unit mass of a material 1 degree in temperature.Ultimate analysis of coal is elementary analysis.In screw dislocation the lattice atoms move fom their regular ideal positions.A phase is a homogeneous portion of a system having the same composition and the same state of aggregation throughout its volume, and separated from the other portions of the system by interfaces.What is the use of flash chamber in a vapour compression refrigeration cycle to improve the COP of refrigeration cycle?Alloys in which the components solidify simultaneously at a constant temperature the lowest for the given system, are called eutectic alloys.Embrittlement attack is usually intergranular in metals,.e.

The amount of radiation emitted per scm per sec is called?
The process of splitting of nucleus into two almost equal fragments accompanied by release of heat is nuclear fission.
If the temperature is lowered sufficiently, the diffusion controlled nucleation and growth modes of transformation are suppressed completely and the austenite transforms by a diffusionless process in which the crystal lattice effectively shears to a new crystallographic configuration known as martensite.
Explain the effects of alloying chromium and nickel in stainless steel.
What it is concerned with?What for Schmidt plot for is used in heat transfer problems?What are thermal neutrons?How much is the work done in isochoric process?It allows cooling water to go to radiator beyond a predetermined temperature.Why consumption of lubricating oil is more in two-stroke cycle petrol engine than four-stroke cycle petrol engine?What is the name given to portion of thermal energy to be necessarily rejected to environment?Which element causes difference in higher and lower heating values of fuel?