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Lotr bfme patch 1.01

lotr bfme patch 1.01

Pressing Shift and left-clicking the mouse on terrain no longer deselects your units.
Fixed a bug that caused the Cripple Strike animation to stop playing if any hero affected by it is healed right away.
Gondor Blacksmith now upgrades to level 2 after earning 750 credits instead of 1200.
The Lord of the Rings, The Battle for Middle-earth.
Heroes no longer gain experience if they're standing next to an Uruk-hai horde webplus x5 user guide that's using the Bloodthirsty ability.Fixed an exploit that allowed players to move their worker units (Townsman, Orc Laborer, etc) anywhere on the map by "pushing" them with another friendly unit.Get Patch.05, dec 31 2012 Patch, when the steps are done correctly you'll be able to play with the community.Wall upgrade plots no longer remain suspended in air after the upgrades are destroyed.The amount of fire damage that the Mumakil requires before it rampages has been increased significantly.The Catapult's "Release the Prisoners" toggle no longer damages friendly structures.Ruined Towers are now visible on the mini-map when the user has troops next to the tower or occupying.Outpost (expansion) Citadels now have new models and are garrisonable, but can't be entered while being auto-repairing.

Gondor Forged Blades and Heavy Armor upgrade cost raised to 800 from 400.
World builder fixes - Removed two non-functioning buttons from the Edit Skybox window in World Builder.
Fixed a bug that caused a player to occasionally lose control over units that were recently sent through a Postern Gate.
Gondor's summoned Rohirrim now come already upgraded with Shields and Heavy Armor.
Fixed a crash caused by loading a user-created multiplayer map in Custom Match with a long map description.New mordor outpost hosts battallions visibly on top of it, and the hosted battalion takes advantage of any leadership applied, but will die if the outpost is destroyed.Elven Warriors with bows are now crushed as normal infantry.Fixed a bug that caused some high-ranking players to Quickmatch against first-time users.Credits will no longer automatically play if a user who had recently finished the single-player campaign exits the Network multiplayer lobby.Units are now able to cross the section of bridge directly above the innermost keep in Helm's Deep.Faramir now receives the proper armor type when mounted.Guard button now properly appears for Uruk-hai and Uruk-hai Pikemen.