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Lost season 5 episode 9

lost season 5 episode 9

Why does Ilana windows 2003 server backup image say Sarah (or what sounds like it) when she wakes up?
Danielle turned off that broadcast in 1992.
Director Jack Bender confirmed that this was a second assistant director.
She looks anxious and confused.
( The Numbers ) Kate, Hurley, and later Sayid, unquestioningly accept Sawyer's leadership, and his authority over their lives.Just after he claimed they were his responsibility.Rotten, the Tomatometer is 59 or lower.It shows the shooting of the aforementioned scene: Rosie is seen giving Hurley a shot of vaccine.

David Dale (April 10, 2009).
After noting that Sayid is gone, she gets up with Caesars help.
Radzinsky warns Jin away, saying that only he is allowed to use these instruments.
( Irony ) To protect those on the island, the Oceanic 6 were forced to live a lie.Trans-oceanic flights require a life jacket for each person aboard.A Tale of Two Cities Caesar tells the rest of the Ajira survivors about the Hydra buildings and animal cages.CTVglobemedia, (December 10, 2008) " A Gets Lost as Midseason Schedule Announced.Yet on the picture that Christian shows to Sun, Hurley is looking straight into the camera.( Games ) Josh Holloway briefly attended the University of Georgia.