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Kerio connect 7.4 keygen

kerio connect 7.4 keygen

(Jani) Fixed bug #32615 (Segfault in replaceChild using fragment when previousSibling is null).
(Stas, Maksymilian Arciemowicz) Added support for formatting the timestamp stored in a DateTime object.
(Ilia) Fixed bug #35612 (iis6 Access Violation crash).
(Ilia) Fixed memory leak inside function.Zend_MM Improved safe_mode check for the error_log function.Added Changed reflection constants to be prefixed with IS_.(Ilia) Updated bundled MySQL client library to version.0.22 in the Windows distribution.(Dmitry) Fixed bug #21306 (ext/sesssion: catch bailouts of write handler during rshutdown).

(Dmitry) Added support for CP850 encoding in mbstring extension.
(Rob) Fixed bug #31858 (-disable-cli does not force -without-pear).
(Andrey) Fixed prepared statement name conflict handling in PDO_pgsql.
(Ilia) Fixed bug #33200 (preg_replace magic"s_sybaseOn makes 'e' modifier misbehave).(Mike) Fixed bug #34066 recursive array_walk causes qbeez 2 full game segfault).Fixed bug #71929 (Certification information (certinfo) game of thrones adaptation mod for skyrim v4 data parsing error).(Ilia) Version.1.0 ed support for class constants and static members for internal classes.Iconv: Fixed bug #48147 (iconv with /ignore cuts the string).(Johannes) Added the ability for json_decode to take a user specified depth.(wharmby at uk dot ibm dot com, Tony) Fixed bug #39606 (Use of com.