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Jedi academy saber mods

jedi academy saber mods

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Zip Author Spector Email MDN140 m Description Changes the Disruptor Rifle microstation v8 xm tutorial to shoot green colored toxins The Concussion Rifle now explodes differently Changes the Rocket launcher into a mini sonic charge launcher Adds 3 new swoops Pyro's HUD A mini mod that replaces the normal.
JA-Re Vandared (1.2) Most of the changes involve adding planets and pictures to minor things, like the saber blades, console, force screens, loading screens, etc.Virus HUD This is a dark HUD with a virus symbol.Tusken Lord This is basically a beefed up tusken.It changes the multiplayer shield effect from being green to being red.Zip jedi academy modification Title Electric Arc Blades Author THC ShovelHead E Mail egor1020 m File Names Animated arc 3 and B arc 3 File Sizes 275 KB Stances Mod (v2.0) So while the first version of this mod didn't audiotrak maya 5.1 mk-ii pos change actual stances, it did.

It also gives luke bright green hair, just for the heck.
That's Russia, for those of you who failed geography.
Pillow Hat word lightning has the Pillow hats for the flash at the players hands and has Pillow Ingame Menus This mod simply adds three new multiple menu choices, allowing you to start a server, join a server, or watch a demo while already within.
Mystic Mod This mod does the following: Makes sabers brighter (red saber is narrower).It also adds a staff saber that suits her, rather than dragging slits in the ground.He has TWO double bladed lightsabers, with you can use too with this mod.Terrain Troopers This is my new and improved special-class Stormtrooper NPC pack.WoW PVP CTF Flags Blue team gets the Alliance's lion emblem, red team gets the Horde runic thingy which looks like the inspiration for tesiv: Oblivion's logo.There is a regularly coloured tie, silvery, gold, blue, red, green, pink, black and others possibly.They are now allied with certain other bots, such as stormtroopers will not attack other stormtroopers.Bearded Heads This pack offers a bearded version of each of the three heads available with the Human-Male Jaden.