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Ipad unable to episode

ipad unable to episode

So I went to Purchases and tapped on Redownload.
View 1 Replies Download Purchased Movies To It May 1, 2012 I thought apple just came out saying we could download movies we previously purchased from the cloud.
Reset settings, but when I hit the download cloud I get a message saying that "I've already purchased this app and it will down load now" but it won't!
Jun 29, 2012 I have purchased a few tv shows for the kids for road trip - when we are offline, I cannot find them under the Videos app if you try to start itunes it says it is offline.
I think they've transferred because the iPad shows a reduction in the available space.When I delete them in iTunes, after syncing with driver booster 2.2 pro key the iPad, of course they get put back.Apr 7, 2010 If I rent a movie or TV show from iTunes on the iPad, am I able to stream it immediately (similar to the Apple TV) or do I have to wait until the entire file is downloaded before I can begin playing.I apologize in advance if this has already been asked but.Afraid, I will have to purchase all again.Same message is displayed.Can I Download Videos And TV Shows From My Itunes Purchased Library?Tap to retry".I tapped to retry, but no luck.View 6 Replies How Can I Download The Purchased Applications?View 1 Replies, iPad 2 : Purchased Movie From ITunes Unable To Download.I have rebooted and restarted the app.May 8, 2012 I purchased a book (ebook) aps, evrytime I am trying to download it I have a message telling me that I already purchased it and I have to go in my purchases abd download.

View 1 Replies How To Download Purchased Books On IPad 2 Jun 19, 2012 How I can download a book I've purchased it is not showing anywhere.
Not Able To Download A Purchased Movie In IPad.
Jun 21, 2012 Please let me know whether we can download a previously purchased app on to iPad.
If yes, how to do it?I have 18 gb of space remaining.View 6 Replies Playing Previously Purchased TV Shows On Apple TV From IPad 3 Aug 31, 2012 I would like to play previously purchased TV shows on Apple TV from my iPad3.Play Purchased Tv Shows When Offline?Jun 4, 2014, i purchased three movies on iTunes.Nov 29, 2014, iPad won't download iTunes purchased TV Shows.But tells me I have purchased it?I have plenty of space, have done hard reset.View 7 Replies Not Able To Download A Purchased Movie In IPad 2 Sep 22, 2012 I am not able to download a purchased movie in my iPad2.