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Gross domestic product definition geography

gross domestic product definition geography

States by GDP (millions of current dollars ) 2, rank, state 2016 of Nation, united States 18,456,292 100.00 1, california 2,602,672.10.
He and his contemporaries, believed that economies evolved from pre-historic bartering systems to money and eventually credit-based economies.
The economy applies to everyone from individuals to entities such as corporations and governments.States sorted by their gross domestic product gDP ).( total, profit, income ) complessivo/a, totale ( Comm ) ( weight, income ) lordo/a 10,000 gross.000 sterline lorde.Celková king's bounty the legend save game suma celkov celkov souet drsn hrub grov overfed sjofel total vulgær feist, ganze, gesamt.( unacceptable ) injustice, inequality, mismanagement flagrante ; exaggeration, simplification burdo a gross injustice has been done to him se ha cometido una flagrante injusticia con él gross ignorance ignorancia f supina, crasa ignorancia f gross incompetence incompetencia f absoluta gross violations of human rights.Cuánto ganas bruto or en bruto?The gross weight of a parcel is the total weight of the contents, the box, the wrapping etc.

Command-based economies are dependent on a central political agent, which controls the price and distribution of goods.
States by GDP (nominal) jump to: navigation, search, map.S.
This type of economy has a tendency to naturally balance itself: as the prices in one sector for an industry rise due to demand, the money and labor necessary to fill that demand filter to the places where they are needed.
This is also known as an economic system.In fact, domestic partners who relocate to a new community that does have protective laws are advised to reregister in their new home in order to eliminate any.( total ) income, profit, weight bruto their gross income is 205 a week sus ingresos brutos son de 205 libras a la semana its gross weight is 100 grams su peso bruto es de 100 gramos.Thus, their domestic partnership rights are not binding if they should move to a community that has no such laws of its own.N pl inv ( twelve dozen ) grossa.A more problematic issue for domestic partners is the fact that their partnership is generally not recognized outside of their jurisdiction.