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Good doctor episode 1 indowebster

good doctor episode 1 indowebster

She picks a fight with him but he doesnt budge, and tells her that theyre surgeons here, and if she cares that badly she shouldve been a kindergarten teacher.
He explains that Shi-on has savant syndrome, a form of autism thats accompanied by astounding genius.
Shi-on suddenly turns to him: Coffee.
Drama ini mengisahkan tentang seorang pemuda, Park Shi On, yang memiliki Savant Syndrome dan melampaui berbagai rintangan untuk menjadi ahli bedah anak.He asks to be taken to the university hospital, and the medic tells him thats where theyre going.All of a sudden the boys heart starts to fail, and it dawns on him that Shi-on was screaming echocardiogram at him as he was being dragged away.She sighs that its like talking to a wall.They agree to be nice to him, and so the brothers walk in, hand-in-hand.The man checks and says the boy will be fine.So far the performances and the directing feel solid, while the writing feels standard.He says that Shi-ons disability is fully treatable, but this appointment isnt about one mans growth, but about giving office 2007 sp2 keygen hope to all people in this country with a disability.The nice doctor nods.Yoon-seo bolts up in bed, gaping at Shi-on whos standing in front of her in nothing but boxers, brushing his teeth like nothings the matter.Jin Kyung as Nam Joo Yun (Kepala Perawat).

Doctor Pomade interrupts to introduce the new resident to Do-hans team, and he whispers that his condition is a little Well youll see.
Shi-on arrives in his new dorm room and takes a look around.
Univ Sung Won, chun Ho Jin sebagai Choi Woo Suk (Direktur).
The other boys dare Hyung to go inside the abandoned mine, and Hyung makes sure the deal is still on: they fulfill the dare and the other boys stop harassing Shi-on.
He saves the boy, who clearly would not have survived had the other doctor treated him as he would an adult patient.He peers down at Doctor Pomades nametag before finishing: But judging by Doctor Gos decibel levels, that time can be shortened I think.Yoon-seo gets drunk, and either shes preempting her hangover by hooking herself up to an IV as she drinks, or this is a hospital-themed bar with IV cocktails.Do-han works away at his twelve-sided Rubiks cube, sighing that he thought hed do it in no time (show-off) but hes been at it for a week.Shi-on says hes fine, but his intestines seem to have expanded.The board walks out to the lobby for lunch, and they come across a group of reporters at the front desk, wanting an interview with the doctor who performed the emergency surgery at the train station today.Notably, the president of the board is the only one who doesnt vote against Shi-on.Embedding code not found for the host:.