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Getting things done with outlook and onenote 2007

getting things done with outlook and onenote 2007

A second feature, called search folders, allows me to setup pre-defined search criteria, and these folders are populated with email that meets the search criteria.
Once a category finishes importing, you should see a Done!
One of dos prompt for control panel the great things about GTD is its flexibility to fit an individual, and you can create different categories to fit your individual needs.
This could be as simple as one folder for email weve read (some use the Trash) or as elaborate as complex nested groups of folders and sub-folders to organize and categorize our mail.OneNote is included with the version of Microsoft Office 2010 that my company uses.There is no bulk way hp virtual connect flexfabric 10gb/24-port module firmware of going about this, so select a category, click the Delete button and confirm the deletion by pressing the OK button in the dialog box that pops.The To-Do bar may organize your tasks by start-date or due-date by default.Click OK when you are done.

Exporting Notes.txt Files, this requires the use of VBA for Outlook.
This breaks our Next Actions into the proper contexts weve assigned them.
Now I can dump the thousand emails for one project into a single project folder, and if I need to, use Search Folders to dynamically group mail as I see fit.
I used this guide to setup OneNote and link tasks to Outlook tasks.Also, this is a good time to review your Notes lists for anything that is out of date and delete them.In the GTD methodology, contexts are used to break up our Next Actions into distinct areas where we actually do our Next Actions, such as @Computer, @Home, @Phone, etc.(Perhaps these are Active-Sync limitation, not sure).Once you have a clean slate, lets get started creating our Categories to match our GTD contexts.Remember these categories represent your Next Action contexts.Select All crusader kings ii manual Categories from the drop down menu.We all in some way or another create a folder structure that works for us as individuals.