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Football manager 2011 no cd

football manager 2011 no cd

Fixed an psp game gta vice city issue where the points for a team would go negative if they get more than 127.
Adjusted Non-league finances.
Fixed "Reject Request" button on player demands new contract news item.
Finances - Adjusted Russian player wages - Adjusted filling of blank wages at the game start - Adjusted Brazilian finances and wages - Adjusted Turkish staff wages.
Italian Cup draw: Higher seeded teams always play at home.Romania Trialist are not allowed to play in competitive matches.Added Super Cup.Fixed manager comment about the state of another teams pitch mentioning the wrong stadium.Football Manager 2011 Crack ndir.

Fixed number of yellow cards accumulated incorrectly being carried over into a new season.
Interface - Fixed problem where sometimes clicking an award link would take you to the wrong award.
Fixed an issue where a player was described as an attacking full-back when he couldn't play that position.
Fixed issue where invalid ground-share information was showing up in news item about a brand new stadium.Bologna to have 2 more points deducted in Serie A, meaning they now have a 3 points deduction in 2010/11 Serie.South Korean FA Cup now works when league is run in view only mode.Stopped user being able to release the same comment each day if there was only one available topic to talk about.Fixed human being able to set a contract end date of just a few super collapse puzzle gallery 3 deluxe days.Fixed club finacial status bug.Adjusted Denmark finances.Fixed an issue to do with a few club awards which caused savegames not to load properly.Lowered agent initial demands during contract negotiations.