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Final cut pro x 50 fps

final cut pro x 50 fps

Here, they had an artist creating large-scale paintings and we got to watch the creative process.
Hope this helpes anybody!
You may want to duplicate the Project first.
However, we dont need to shoot at extremely high frame rates to slow something down.
Normally, when I create a new project, I would os 2 warp 4 boot disk iso let FCP select the project frame rate based upon the frame rate of the first source clip edited into the Timeline.(Animators call this tweening.) This creates much smoother slow motion but generally damages the visual quality of the image because so much data is invented, not shot.As John said, i25 and i50 is the same.Or export a Master file and use the free tool.This freezes the frame rate.

Is there anyway to import original footage without loosing frames.".
Changing the frame rate from 50 FPS to 25 FPS 18:37 #23041 dgwvideo offline Platinum Boarder Posts: 1618 Thank you amd ati catalyst 10.8 drivers suite for windows xp received: 177 Karma: 21 I agree his method works fast.
Tahir, you are mixing things.
Then, FCP creates as many in-between frames as necessary by moving the pixels incrementally from their starting position to their ending position.
Very cool and very easy.That footage properly played is as smooth as p50 stuff.Your camera makes plain HDV, which is 1080i50 (in some places called i25) and should work in a 1080i50 time-line.Changing the frame rate from 50 FPS to 25 FPS 11:04 #23030 BenB offline Platinum Boarder Posts: 10106 Thank you received: 1275 Karma: -33 I think what you did was probably the quickest, easiest way to do that.Note : I have sometimes seen FCP reset the frame rate based upon the speed of the first clip edited into the Timeline.Extra credit, you can use this technique to create fast motion video by creating a project with a frame rate thats faster than the source video clips.Changing the frame rate from 50 FPS to 25 FPS 06:15 #80104 offline Fresh Boarder Posts: 1 Karma: 0 i dont know if it is still interesting, but there is a freaky easy way.BVE 2014 in London this year was CVP (m).Video frame 2 plays at Timeline frame 3 and frame.To do this, create a custom project using a slower frame rate than the source video clip.