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Film the face reader

film the face reader

Sevmiyorum, zaten bu iktidar kavgalar da ayr bi sknt, film gereinden fazla uzundu.
Nae-gyeong accepts the proposal to read the faces of Yeon-hongs guests only to get involved in a murder case.
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Even ailing King Moonjong (Kim Tae-woo) entrusts him with the task of discerning the faces of traitorous courtiers.
Nae-kyung (Song Kang-ho the son of a once-illustrious government official, possesses the extraordinary gift of being able to tell peoples character and future by their facial lineaments.His talents bring him to the royal courts where he becomes involved in a power struggle between.Filmi Jo jung suk için izledim ayrca film büyük gie elde etmiti, jo jng suk bu rolle en iyi yardmc erkek oyuncu ödülü ald yoksa hiç sevmiyorum böyle tarihi filmleri, o afi bile beni bi soutuyor, kyafetler."Physiognomy is a 2013." The Face Reader Shines at South Korea's Dae Jong Film Awards".jo jung suk ah güzelim çocuu nasl bir hale sokmular ki ilk gördümde tanyamadm iyiki konutu da sesinden tandm ayrca tavuk yedii sahne bende feci etkiler yapt, midem fenalat,yine de sempatiklii hep vard tabiki onun dnda filmin balar çok uzatld, çok beendiimi söyleyemeyeceim, çünkü.The ancient art of physiognomy gets entertaining exposition in The Face Reader, though its the vicious but gripping court intrigue that shapes this South Korean costume drama from maverick helmer Han Jae-rim.Joseon dynasty, was living in seclusion when he was offered a lucrative partnership by Yeon-hong, a gisaeng.Çocuun gözünü kör eden hangi taraft,çocua babakan olacaksn derken sonu feci oldu, ama en büyük sorum imdi adam gerçekten göremiyor muymu gelecei kafam kart, skldm da biraz, o gisaeng kadn daha etkin olur sanmtm onun da bi marifetini pek göremedik, en son sahnede yanna gelen.However, he is swept into a deadly power struggle between the countrys two most influential men: vice premier Kim Jong-seo (Baek Yun-shik nicknamed the Tiger, and the Kings brother Prince Su-yang (Lee Jung-jae nicknamed the Wolf.

Plots and counterplots arrive in quick succession in the second and third acts as the yarn gallops toward its brutal climax.
Kim Jongseo protect the young King which forces him into the biggest power struggle in the history of the Joseon dynasty.
Han may have only three completed titles to his name, but hes a technically polished helmer who pushes the envelope in his treatment of mainstream genres.
With subtle irony, the film depicts how an attempt to reconfigure ones destiny results in a self-fulfilling idm with crack file latest version 2015 prophecy.
Lee, Hyo-won (1 November 2013).Nae-gyeong decides to keep his loyalty to the late King and help.Nae-kyung plies his skills in a way that incorporates sleuthing elements and sometimes resembles forensic science.Nevertheless, his character gains tragic momentum as he strives to earn his sons respect by pledging loyalty to the young crown prince Danjong (Chae Sang-woo knowing that by doing so, he would jeopardize Jin-hyeongs newfound career as a civil servant, and even endanger his life.Grand Bell Awards, including Best Film, Best Director for.Grand Prince Suyang and general, kim Jongseo, a high-ranking loyalist to, king Munjong.