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Fiddler on the roof script pdf

fiddler on the roof script pdf

I tell you, if God lived on earth, people would break his windows.
That's what comes of entertaining a wild man.
It was a miracle!
I want you to modern marvels aluminum episode talk to him!I can't believe my own ears.A boy or a girl?Sometime, maybe we'll meet on a happier occasion.I have no money and I'm not a beggar.Oh, go away.

You don't understand, Papa!
I beg you to accept.
Reb Tevye, you won't be sorry!I mean, good day!I gave my permission to Motel and Tzeitel, so you feel you also have a right.We are going to Cracow.It gives you something to think about Something to drink about Drink, le'cheiim To life!I am the father.This shows our constant devotion to God.