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Dts audio codec 8193 format

dts audio codec 8193 format

Scroll down to see your custom codec.
If you dont want to get confused about the codec type, you can directly download all in one codec package here;.
( go to Help About.
To manually add custom codec: Open-MX Player.
Downloading Custom Codec, before downloading file, check your MX Player version your custom codec type and download the required codec accordingly.So, Is there any way to solve this problem and make MX Player support DTS 007 nightfire pc full game and AC3 Audio file types?Note: To solve this problem, you will have to download and add the required custom codec to the MX Player.To know your custom codec: Open-MX Player.But, if MX Player doesnt detect the Compatible Codec then you will have to install custom codec Manually.Tap the, menu button.Done Now, Play Any Media File smoothly without any before-mentioned problems.Thats the reason you are unable to listen any audio while playing videos which are in DTS/AC3/MLP audio formats.For detailed explanation and step by step tutorial, Read this post:.Scroll down and Tap on the custom codec.You Might Like: If the post was useful to you and helped you in solving the Error, then do not forget to share this post with your friends on Facebook or Twitter.

( go to, settings.
Download MX Player Custom Codec, to Check MX Player version: Open MX Player.
But sometimes, you get errors like.
Adding Custom Codec to MX Player.
Select the correct path of codec that you downloaded earlier.MX Player is the finest player among all android video players available on Google Play store.It can play almost any type of video/media file.Now open MX Player, it should fetch the codec automatically if compatible codec found.Once you have downloaded the required custom codec, move the downloaded file to internal memory ( recommended ).Just, follow the given steps to make MX player support dolby, DTS audio file formats.In this tutorial, I will help you fix DTS Audio Format not supported Error in MX Player.