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Dream high episode 2

dream high episode 2

Here is the episode 2 of Dream High 2 with checkers hyper specials kzn English Subtitle!
Nonetheless she quickly goes in and interrupts them.
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I really dont know why theyre trying to push this angle, but oh well.
Afterwards, JB and Hye Sung are having their own private practice session. She finishes it up by saying shell make him realize what a mistake he just made. JB and Hye Sung come back in and JB flippantly asks him whats wrong and challenges him to a game.While the students are practicing, the teachers comment on how much Yoo Jin is improving and that hell be a good match for. JB dresses up Hye Sung in a white gown, while Hye Sung gets lazy and says she just likes him as regular high school. All in all, an enjoyable yahoo messenger for windows xp latest version performance.

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She then concludes that shes learned all she needs to know about him: he likes Hye Sung, the end.
He grabs JB by the jacket and punches him a few more times, demanding to know why he had to act as JBs pacemaker.
He then looks at their utensils and smiles. They are making progress, but Yoo Jin gets tired and decides to take a break.Meanwhile, JB and Hye Sungs date seems to be at end as they are riding the bus back. Its like proposing at a ballgame; you cant say no or else youre going to get booed and have stuff thrown at you.Jin Woo and Jiyeons performance of Clazziquais Romeo N Juliet.