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Dragon age 2 xbox 360 patch

dragon age 2 xbox 360 patch

If Merrill's clan members die, she no longer speaks as if they were alive.
The game displays values of up to 100, but characters now suffer 5 damage from an attack even if they show 100 resistance.
The Ambush talent now functions as described.
Dragon Age II thrusts.Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One and.In "Act of Mercy Thrask can no longer die, which could block completion.In "Dissent it is no longer possible to loot Ser Alrik's body before the appropriate time.

Rogue Changes - Rogues now regain 1 of their stamina per hit with dual weapons or 2 per hit with a bow.
Dragon Age 2 Xbox 360.
When a party member's armor changes after consummating a romance, runes inscribed on his or her old armor now carry over to the new armor.
Help out other Dragon Age 2 players on the xbox 360 by adding a cheat or secret that you know!
The f patch from.Brittle targets instead of 400.After you register your copy of Dragon Age II in your user entitlements on the Bioware Social Site.Dragon messaggio per un'aquila che si crede un pollo pdf Age 2 Cheats for Playstation.Using the Maker's Sigh potion on an archer no longer alters inventory capacity.Gameplay - In many fights, enemies now move less quickly at the start of combat.