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Disk space utility windows

disk space utility windows

Primary scratch disk call of duty black ops update 1 space, i'm trying to increase my primary scratch disk space.
Look in Edit/Preferences/Memory and Image cache settings.
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I've transferred as many files from resco photo viewer cracked C to D as the system will let me, done as much defragging as my C disk space will let me and I only have 628 mb of spcae left on the.
I can't find any recently created huge files, and the system behaves normally, yet Windows (and Norton) continue to report this inordinately high used disk space.I did download SequoiaView and the graphic showed clearly the actual usage being approximately.7GB and rest was free.The drive in question is IDE, ntfs, 120 gig.Does anyone know why?The longer my computer is on, the less free space I have.B) use a third-party partioning utility to resize drive C by incorporating a portion (or all.I have deleted 1 GB files but does not effect.Microsoft.NET Framework version.0 or higher is installed on your.Click the Erase Free Space button.A small number of our videos may not play correctly in Firefox.Used drive space too high a search for very large files created/modified in the last 24 hours, allowing system files to be exposed, rebooted, run various Norton diagnostics, etc.

Tell me if it worked plz.
If i restart my laptop i have the space back.
Back from Disk Cleanup Tutorial to List of Windows Troubleshooting Tutorials.Some of those files, like AOL, I am 100 positive that I don't need.Uninstalled unnecessary applications lately?Make certain that the box before "Hide extensions for known file types" is notchecked.Lost nearly 20 gig one week!