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Deadman wonderland episode 9

deadman wonderland episode 9

It can be assumed that Yosuga was probably his only real friend, if not the only person in Deadman Wonderland he genuinely cared about.
Toto appears, trying to tell Ganta the "Red Man s identity, but before he can, he is interrupted by Shiro, who then leaves, while Ganta finds out he's having feelings for Shiro.
Ganta unlocks the Mother Goose System A little after, Ganta gathers up everyone to tell them, while Hagire tried to steal his body, he was able to see Hagires mineski tools dota hotkeys memories.
During the Dog Race, Ganta was constantly "disturbed" by Shiro and therefore lagging behind.There he met Mimi and Yamakatsu and became best friends with them.Makina informs the trio of the whereabouts of Tamaki, when Ganta replies that he will no longer try to save everyone, but he will try to stop and kill Tamaki, including the Forgeries.The collision causes an explosion that destroys the capsule.

He then remembers the Carnival Corpse match between Ganta and Senji, and right after Ganta uses his Ganbare Gun in close range, despite the pain, Hagire is sent flying back, to which Senji uses Crow Claw to slice off Hagire's right limbs which also slices.
After being tortured by Rei, a strange man known as Madoka appears and gives him a drink, that has Madoka's blood to control five senses, that stops his pain.
Now an inmate at the privately-owned prison and amusement park' known as Deadman Wonderland, Ganta must try to survive in a place where inmates are the main attraction in brutal gladiator-style games.
Senji tells him that they should make a bet.While advantageous as a long-range attack, due to Ganta's small stature, this also puts him at risk of experiencing symptoms of excessive blood loss, however he was able to endure Senji's attacks and hit him with a point blank Ganta Gun, winning his first Carnival.Minatsuki asks about Ganta, where Y states that his injuries are not the cause of " this " and shows them Ganta's chest, were the crystal is located.Ganta first meets and befriends Shiro when he was agitated by the fact that he was sentenced on death row, saying that he wanted to die (which he denies after Shiro comforted him).Toto shows up and says if he wants to know, he will tell him everything.