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Cinderella's sister episode 7

cinderella's sister episode 7

Im not yours, you punk!
Hyo-sun wishes she could be a help to him, saying with some insecurity, I want to help, but Im not anything, am I?
Mereka juga mengatakan jika mereka selalu menarik anggur yang akan kadaluarsa dari pasaran.But Eun-jo says.Dalam rapat yang lain, Ki Hoon menyampaikan ide-nya untuk mengejar pasar Jepang.In response to Hyo-suns charges, Eun-jo asks, How can you know my feelings that well when I dont even know them myself?You catch more flies with honey, and such.Hyo Suns uncle Yang Hae Jin goes to Jung Woo, telling him to keep quiet about everything.Ki Hoon memperingatkan ayahnya untuk tidak melakukan ide gila seperti itu pada perusahaan Dae Sung disaat masih lemah.

Dia juga menambahkan kalau sekarang dia memang tidak bisa melakukan apa-apa tapi dia akan membantu dari sekarang.
But Ill explain more below.
Ki Hoon juga melihat hal yang sama.
It is both hilarious and heartbreaking that Kang-sook slips into Eun-jos room that night to ask furtively whether theres anything they can rescue before the company falls.
Later, they stop for food.But he doesnt get a chance to defend himself, as zax alien hunter game Dae-sung collapses.What makes this show fascinating for me isnt really the melodrama, or even the romance not that they are badly presented, as they arent but the completeness of the characterizations.Eun-jo is focused on the business and their huge losses, wanting to report the uncle to the police so they can clear their name and begin recovery.Thinking its in her head, this makes her angry until she sees him walking toward her, mumbling the song to himself.I wont step back.