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Black inventors list 2010

black inventors list 2010

His impact on technology: Gerald Lawson created the star wars games no first cartridge-based video game system, the Fairchild Channel.
The cover has removable male and hidden champions of the 21st century pdf female fasteners to attach and detach it from the vehicle, and seals on each side provide a secure, interlocked barrier to wind, rain and other environmental concerns.
Ultrasound scanner, in 1976 Ausonics commercialised the ultrasound scanner.
Charles Richard Drew (19041950) invented a new method for processing and then preserving blood plasma.
It's black box.This remarkable device is virtually indestructible and records the final moments of pikachu global adventure pdf a crashed plane's last flight.He later served as medical director for the American Red Cross National Blood Donor Service.She also set up schools, where she provided employment for over 3,000 people, and trained them as licensed Walker Agents.Cochlear implants are devices that are implanted into the head to electronically stimulate the auditory nerve.Photo courtesy of Rensselaer,.The camera could be moved from one peephole to the next, and the cameras images were displayed on a monitor.Lewis Latimer (18481928) patented a unique, carbon filament for the already-invented incandescent lightbulb, which made electric lighting much more affordable for an average homeowner.

The team demonstrated penicillin's ability to fight bacterial infection in mice and, later, humans.
From Lightbulb Filament to the Modern Mailbox.
(1936 ) perfected his chocolate chip recipe over many years, and then founded the Famous Amos cookie brand so familiar to snackers today.My feeling is what bright is or what genius is if I give you a hundred pounds of intelligence, you give me back 120.Electronic pacemaker, australian doctor Mark Lidwill and physicist Edgar Booth developed the first artificial pacemaker in the 1920s.Fiona and her spray-on skin technique played a key role in treating burns victims from the 2002 Bali bombings.Martin Luther King,.Known by the commercial name, Gardasil, the vaccine protects women against four strains of a virus called human papillomavirus (HPV known to cause three-quarters of all cervical cancers.Baths laser probe made cataracts surgery faster and more accurate, and has been credited with saving thousands from losing their sight. After spending eight years with Fairchild Semiconductor, the makers of the Channel F video game console he helped pioneer, Lawson left and started his own company, VideoSoft, which produced cartridge games for the Atari 2600, the system that ultimately made the Channel F obsolete.The light of Innovation, its February 18, 2016, and Black History Month is more than halfway past.In 1996, we became the first country to have a complete set of plastic currency.