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Akagami no shirayukihime episode 2

akagami no shirayukihime episode 2

Izana Wistaria voiced by Akira Ishida (Jap) and Eric Vale (Eng).
More people are going to go after her it seems.
Akagami no Shirayukihime (Snow White with the Red Hair) is an anime adaption of the hit shjo manga series.
A partir del 24 de septiembre de 2011 está siendo publicado por la revista LaLa de la misma editorial.Felt kinda bad for her when she got ambushed by Mihaya in the forest though.The end with Sirayuki and Zen looking at each other looked a lot like the manga art.Improvising herbs as a weapon and what not.

Though I do like how She herself tried to fight back and escape llcruz Offline Joined: Feb 2014 Posts: 1133 Loved the episode!
Está en contra de la relación que tiene Zen con Shirayuki, debido que esta no posee el estatus social apropiado para tener tal cercanía con el príncipe.
A strong, confident and smart female lead indeed.Lyrisia, offline, joined: Jan 2012, posts: 1011, don't know yet what to think I'll give this one more ep I think koto Offline Joined: Jul 2014 Posts: 688 This was a good episode that showed Shirayuki charm as a main heroine.I love her and zen so much _ Next episode we get to see Obi, I'm so excited!Funimation licensed the subbed version which is released via simulcast at the same time as each new episode in Japan.Se hacen muy amigos y al igual que Shirayuki, comienzan a crecer sentimientos de amor hacia ella.Out of nowhere, Zen knocks Mihaya out and saves Shirayuki.Walldotfm Offline Joined: Jun 2015 Posts: 706 Good action and nice development of Shirayuki and Zen's relationship.Modified by Narutako, Jul 13, 2015 9:47.Will this really be just a cliche story of a damsel in distress?