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Add web reference visual studio 2010 silverlight

add web reference visual studio 2010 silverlight

To construct a proxy to the service Go to the (code-behind) file in the client application and add the following using statements at the top of the page.
Expand the Module1 node in Solution Explorer and open the Elements.
In addition, the browser will be opened to the home page of the site.
Xml.dll or Class1.vb The code file for a single class named Class1.
Being Dynamic about your Endpoint Initialization Obviously you dont want to hard-code various endpoint names in your instantiation of the service proxies. .Select a method for hosting your Silverlight ultimate pc optimizer key application.Thus decompilation doesnt show the other #if options. .In the UserControl start tag, add markup to declare a namespace.Accept, serviceReference1 in the, namespace field and click,.Xaml.vb for the code-behind.In the Installed Templates pane, expand the Visual C# or the Visual Basic node and select Silverlight.To create a new Silverlight application project.As you do 2007 mini cooper radio manual more Silverlight development, there are other tools that you might want to utilize.

If you have a simpler solution where your service is being served up in the same web application/site as your Silverlight application, then you have a simpler solution using Silverlight. .
For more information about handling faults, see Creating and Handling Faults in Silverlight.
The proxy is passed as a state object so that the callback method will be able to call the corresponding End method.
A Silverlight class library project contains references to the following assemblies: mscorlib.
Js is a JavaScript helper file that is provided in the Silverlight SDK.Another deployment location option is the SharePoint hive.Button bottom left Add Web Reference.Example The following is the summarized code of after completing the preceding (but not the additional) procedures.The name of this file is a concatenation of the name of the Silverlight application project and the text "ml".aspx file.aspx file that is the default startup Web page.The following sample shows the code for these two steps.When I try to create a 'Service Reference' I can no longer see my HWServiceClass and if I select some of the other instances like HWServiceClassSoapClient I can not see my 'GetText' method.The following code shows an example of such a constructor that configures the client with a BasicHttpBinding.Were ready to deploy.