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Activiti in action book

activiti in action book

I would only recommend this book to people interested in bpmn/Activiti who already know what they want to do but dont know how.
The author goes into painstaking detail with every single chapter reading like a combo of raw information a tutorial.
If you can look past the repetitive writing I think youll learn a lot of pragmatic real world solutions.Exploring additional Activiti modules, implementing advanced workflow, integrating services with a bpmn.0 process.It's quite easy to see that the author is a real expert in the subject and he did pretty well with sharing his knowledge via paper.Most of the problems you face can be Googled and solved pretty quickly.I read this book as a part of my "catching up with latest JVM" journey and I had no issues with understanding the content, BUT I know (and I've used in practice) bpmn - I'm a bit afraid that people who don't know it may.Bpmn modeling, at least in a general sense.It will help a lot if you brush up on this beforehand.The Activiti Designer program pushes out a bpmn model in XML which goes through Activiti for processing and customization.

The examples will guide you along and you will learn to use Activiti by the last chapter.
Book Contents, in 450 pages you get a full rundown of Activiti with live practical examples.
It helps if you have some history with bpmn, but its not required.
Pros Cons, i really liked spring plugin for eclipse indigo the examples used in more complicated chapters like custom form creation for client-side apps and multi instance processes.
In this appendix, Ill provide an overview of the different projects that youll find in this books source code.About the Book, activiti in Action introduces developers to business process modeling with Activiti.The book covers actionable steps and you really need to follow along to get the most from this title.Note that the Google SVN repository will be more up to date, and will be revised for new versions of the Activiti framework.Tijs walks you through the process explaining the importance of each subject covered in each new chapter.